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Creatology a short history március 29th, Creatology is an interdisciplinary science of creativity, which was born in Hungary.

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Its birth-year was From that time on, Creatology has developed partially in books and papers published by the author both in Hungarian and in English. In English were published mostly his papers.

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The second phase of the development of Creatology started in the United States in America in From toa number of conferences, symposia and papers in the States dealt with the questions of creativity within the framework of Creatology.

There is no reason to continue the description of the history of Creatology here.

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The reader interested in this history can find at least the Personal Bibliography of István Magyari-Beck, on this web site, within which both the basic and applied questions of Creatology find their places.

However, two kinds of very interesting events can be identified in this history worth mentioning.

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Firstly, recently many scholars made a claim for coining the term Creatology first, and — secondly — almost all of them are searching its domain within the theory and practice of psychology or physiology. But in the opinion of the founder Creatology is an interdisciplinary science, which goes far beyond psychology. A more elaborated Creatology Matrix can identify at least 48 sub-domains. On the basis of afore-said, a number of disciplines cooperate proscar nursing interventions Creatology Matrix: psychology, proscar nursing interventions, theory proscar nursing interventions organization, science of culture and civilization, history of art, sciences, philosophy, education and so onmathematics, theory of measurement, epistemology, aesthetics, ethics, economics, to mention just a few.

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