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Prostate The prostate or thymus is the gonad belonging to the male internal genitals.

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In adult men, approx. It weighs 20 g and is the size of a sweet chestnut.

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It is located below the bladder, surrounding the urethra that starts prostatitis wiki it. The secretions it produces, the prostate secretions, together with the sperm cells and the seminal vesicle secretions, form the male genital secretions, the semen.

This section of the urethra is particularly critical as it passes through the prostate, so it compresses even Átviteli útvonalak prosztatitis the presence of a benign or malignant enlargement of the prostate, causing difficulty urinating or complete urinary incontinence.

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Urine stagnant in the bladder becomes infected sooner or later, which is also aided by punctures that Azt hiszem van prostatitisem the urine.

Bladder infection can also reach the renal pelvis over time and spread to the prostatitis wiki stock. The kidneys are already burdened by cumbersome bowel movements due to urinary retention. Internal structure A significant part of its population consists of well-developed, reticulated, dense smooth muscle mass, embedded in it with tubular-alveolar-structured glandular end-chambers with a combination of tubular and rounded structure.

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The prostate is surrounded by a strong connective tissue capsule, the upper wider part of which is in contact with the bladder. Glandular end chambers are not of equal value in terms of location and pathological behavior either. The smaller prostatitis wiki surrounding the urethra on all sides are the mucous membranes mucosusthe glands surrounding the entire urethra are the submucosal glands, and the main glands are deeper in the prostate. The outlet tubes of the prostatitis wiki two groups open into the grooves on either side of prostatitis wiki elongate protrusion colliculus seminalis at the back of the prostatic section of the urethra with multiple openings.

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The common outlet ducts of the testis ductus deferens and the prostatitis wiki vesicles prostatitis wiki seminalis ductus ejaculatorius open in the same place. Function The prostate produces and stores the slightly alkaline prostate secretion pH 7.

The secretions of the prostate help the sperm to move, and the alkaline translucent secretion helps to neutralize the acidic medium of the female vagina, thus ensuring the viability of the sperm. The smooth muscle of the prostate plays a role in ejaculating ejaculating semen.

Nevüket onnan kapták, hogy mikroszkópos képen a keményítőszemcsékre emlékeztetnek.

Stimulation of the nerve endings covering the surface of the prostate during contraction of the prostate contributes to the lust that accompanies ejaculation orgasm. After surgical removal of the testicles orchiectomythe prostate remains functional despite a decrease in the rate of sexual desire.

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In the case of orgasm, it closes the urethra in the same way, but only shoots out the secretions it produces, which smell less pronounced and its color is transparent. Female prostate Women also have prostates.

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The Skene paraurethral glands were officially named the female prostate in by the international body responsible for the maintenance of the Anatomica Terminology. Diseases Prostate stone With the prostatitis wiki of stagnant glandular secretions in the prostate stock, specific formations of "corpora amylacea" they develop.

They got their name from the fact that they resemble starch grains in a microscopic image. Of prostatitis wiki, their chemical composition has nothing to do with starch.


Prostate stones are prostatitis wiki by soaking these formations with hydroxylapatite. These also have no particular medical significance.

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They do not cause complaints and do not need to be removed. More p Related tags : Prostate Prosztata.

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